Welcome to the Art of Adaptive Organizations!

We focus on People Transformation in for-profit organizations around the globe. We thrive to support Leaders with their teams and organization to find succesful answers for their business to the exponential changes in the digital age.


Part of our mission is to share experiences, learning and insights on the Art of Adaptive Organizations freely. This section will give you links to access related resources.


The Art of Adaptive Organizations emerged from 30 years professional experience in diverse responsible transformation roles in large global corporations, combined with thorough research and a doctorate about the trends, development and working approaches to meet the challenges of exponential change in the age of Digitalization.


Research new ideas and integrate all into a comprehensive whole, provinding a “map” for orientation

Support teams and their leaders to develop their own route through their business challenges

Offer a safe setting for people to reflect and emerge with a new understanding and plan.


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